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I Would Love to Create Something Very Special for You...

by Zhanna Kens

Whether you are on the dance floor or on the ice skating rink, your body and movement is creating poetry in motion.  Every little movement is critical to the overall composition of the dance or skating routine.  A large part of dance performance and ice skating, centers around the dance costume.

No matter what style of performing art you are engaged in, you need a dress, gown, or costume to enhance your movements and allow the audience to become lost in your poetry of movement.  Your body can be thought of as brush strokes on the canvas.

The dance dress that you wear can be thought of as the paint and the design and styling as the pigments that go in to the paint.  I have worked with performers who have been under the world’s spotlight and brought their artwork to life with my unique custom dress designs.

You have worked hard to perfect your routine and now it’s time to showcase your talents to an audience.  Be sure to bring it to life with a quality custom made dress or ballroom gown for your special occasion that is as unique and artistic as your performance.

I can help bring your movement of dance into life in a way that is both artistic and magical, with quality of excellence!

If you are into Latin dance, then you will be amazed at the beauty and attention to detail that goes into my Latin dance costumes and custom Latin ballroom dance dresses.  They are truly works of art. I love to create them.  While they are not likely to go on the walls of museums, they will be at home on the human canvas as beautiful women bring the beauty of Latin dance culture to life on the ballroom dance floor.

If you are in need of a custom dance dress, custom ice skating costume or custom dance dress for children, then you need to look at my creations that you can see here on my site.

I have great ability to capture the essence of your performance.  I know that my designs enhance the beauty of the performer without taking away from the performance.

I also love to create one of a kind stunning ice skating dresses for competition, dance dresses for girls and pageant talent dresses that will give you the confidence you need to take on even the most complicated routines in front of large audiences.

A huge part of performing relies on confidence.  And in order to have boldness, you as a performer must feel comfortable in the dress‚ dance gown, or ice dance costume.  It is your appearance that will turn your movement into art.  That is precisely what my designs will do for you!

I love this saying.  This is how I feel about the union between designer and a dancer.  “To me, dance is the poetry in motion and the dress is the word that defines the feelings.”