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by Annora

My name is Annora and I love competing in Latin Dance Sport.  I was born in Riobamba Ecuador.  My father moved our family to the US when I was 11.  My fondest memories from the past was finding my passion to dance.  I come from a large family and we would often party, eat good food and dance to our friends and family who would get together and play different instruments for fun.

Since being in this country I have never lost the passion to dance and since have become very competitive.  I always wanted a beautiful shimmering glitzy dance dress.  I tried a few latin dresses online because of their price and the picture looked so much better than the dress i received.  They felt so cheap.

As I searched the internet and asked people in my dance studio for years as I saved up my money to find the perfect custom made latin dress.  Finally, I was at a dance competition in Texas and I saw this lady with the most beautiful ballroom dress that I have ever seen.  I was a little intimidated to ask her because she seemed so elegant and beautiful.

However, my curiosity to find something unique and beautiful like she was wearing was so strong that I had to know who made that dress for her.

She told me about Zhanna Kens.  She let me feel the quality in the dress and she spun around for me so I could see how the amazing beauty and flow in the fabric.  The crystals on her dress sparkled and made her look like a movie star!

When I got home, I contacted Zhanna Kens and she was so pleasant to work with.  She talked me through different ideas and her perspective of what design would look best on me was better than I could imagine for myself!

I put my trust and money in her and she surprised me so much it brought me to tears.  It fit so perfectly. I never knew what a custom made dress felt like on my body until that moment and I danced in front of the mirror for hours!  Thank you Zhanna Kens, I will be a customer and fan life!