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Custom Made Figure Skating Dresses for Competition by Zhanna Kens

by Nash Rock

When people watch a figure skating competition, they generally recognize a two things about the skater.  The first is the elegance in the movements, the athleticism and the creativity of the dance to the music. The second is the fashion and style of their outfits.  Both of these factors very closely coincide and rely on each other to make the biggest impression on both the judges and the audience.

Zhanna Kens from is one of the premiere creators in custom made figure skating dresses.  Zhanna Kens has created figure skating dresses for World class professionals and National Champions.

The fact is that a competition ice skating dresses not only impress those watching, it also uplifts the confidence of the competitor.  It can speak to the audience about the personality, style and grace of the performer and express the emotion of the dance.

Even the best figure skaters will appear to be lacking if the music, dance and costume do not intertwine with each other.

When looking through the many options of figure skating dresses, there are two categories that can be chosen from.  Pre-made, assembly line costumes with cheap crystals that won't hold for long and weak stitching that will not last.  The other option is custom made costumes that are designed to fit the skaters body perfectly, laced with high quality Swarovski crystals and hand stitched to last for years.

When a costume does not fit the body perfectly, it bunches up and wrinkles and brings out the worst in a performer.  Often times performers will dance in front of the mirror or watch video recordings of their performance to perfect their movements.  Nothing is worse to a performers confidence than a cheap skating dress that does not fit them perfectly.

The difference between the custom made competition ice skating dress and the pre-made assembly line costumes is night and day.  The pre-made ice skating costumes usually come mass produced from China's large factories with the intentions of creating quantity rather than quality.

This is the reason why these costumes are cheap.  You get what you pay for.  Custom made dresses are made to last, the crystals are meant to hold tight for years even under the pressures of washing and brushing against different surfaces including the ice.

The truth is that anyone who takes ice skating seriously should get the best figure skating dress that they can afford.

The figure skating dress will not ever guarantee success.  A great costume will feel good, look good and when you feel and look good, all you have to think about is the dance and the music.

Whether you are a parent looking to buy their daughter a competition skating dress, a serious skater looking for ways to stand out in competitions or a professional looking for a new fresh style.  Zhanna Kens may be the answer.

For ideas and inspiration on your next custom made one of a kind dress and for a free consultation with Zhanna Kens, go to the address provided at the bottom to check out Zhanna's previously created custom made figure skating dresses and remember that "It's All About You!"