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Dresses for Success

by Nash Rock

After doing a lot of research on the judging process in Ballroom and Latin dance Competitions, I realized just how important the dance dress is for long term success and victory.

From the observer and the judges eyes, the image of extravagance and luxury cannot be denied or filtered out.   Like it or not, elegance and beauty are expected from champions.

True champions must uphold a standard of excellence in the expectation of observing eyes.

On one hand, some might say, “In a Utopian Society.  Victory should be given to the best dancers.”

Often times this is what the losers say.  The losers may be better in some cases. This doesn't matter.  The winners walk away with the trophy and all of the credit.

Elegance that is seen on the level of Ballroom and Latin dancing originated from the Aristocrats.  However, this fact should never intimidate those who are not Aristocrats.  It is often proven that those who are best at their art, learn their perfection through passion and dedication not from money.  Because of the aristocratic roots of ballroom dancing, t is important to show up as prepared and talented as ever in a dance costume that visually out shines the competition.

This leads me to Custom dance dresses.   There are a number of very creative dress makers.  I would never criticize anyone for creating their passion but one artist stands above and beyond the rest that I have seen.

Zhanna Kens, creates Custom Ballroom gowns and Latin Dresses that seem to out-shine and out-live the rest.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Kens.  I also had the pleasure of touching some of her luxuries creations.

To those who only see pictures and video of ballroom dresses on this level, touch is an entire different experience.  This is the same experience as buying an authentic Jersey of your favorite hockey or football team and buying a cheap jersey of your favorite hockey or football team.  The power is embedded in the creation of quality materials.

The quality embedded into Zhanna Kens work is something you would expect to see in a glass case at the Hard Rock hotel, worn by a rock-star or actress.

Every single piece holds the energy of a relic of another time or dimension   A treasure found by a treasure seeker. It isn't a costume or a dress.  Zhanna Kens creates Art.  Every single piece is timeless.

While asking what a custom creation might cost, Zhanna said, “Every piece I make is copyrighted and different. It depends on how extravagant you want to look.’ To me, I am reminded of fancy cars like Lamborghini and Bently  Not only do I not wear dresses, I also don't need to know what true luxury costs.  However, for those that do, I would recommend intriguing yourself to another level.