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One Very Happy Ballroom Dancer

by Marty Faeh

Dear Zhanna Kens:

I am starting my fourth year as a competitive, Amateur, Pro Am Ballroom and Rhythm dancer in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul area of Minnesota.  In 2012, my Professional partner and I had the wonderful opportunity to show and perform in your International Standard Ballroom Gown, ‘Living Waters ’.

This Ballroom gown was absolutely beautiful, it flowed with our movement and allowed us to focus on the dance vs. getting tangled up with the dress that happens more often than not with many styles of ballroom gowns.  Your expertise and understanding of the dancers needs resulted in a quality dance gown, unique and ahead of its time in functionality and quality.

In 2012, we competed in 3 dance styles making it to the finals in all three.   International Standard was our newest dance style and our first time competing.   It was the only dance style where we finished in 1st Place at the Twin Cities Open and your ‘Living Waters’ Standard Gown gave us the confidence, a professional look, and the grace we needed to finish as Champions.  Feeling like Champions resulted in us becoming Champions!  Thank You for creating such an exquisite Ballroom dance gown for us to compete in and showcase our strength as dancers.

In 2013, I was working with a new dance Professional, Kate Bratt, in American Rhythm.  With our new dance partnership, we wanted to start the year out with a new, fresh, one-of-a-kind American Rhythm dress.

Excited, budget in hand, we contacted Zhanna Kens to discuss our dream. We wanted to introduce a new look, something different, edgy, professional, eloquent but yet accenting the female dancers attributes and Latin Motion necessary in American Rhythm dancing.   We provided Zhanna with our Budget, a tight deadline for the Milwaukee State DanceSport Championships, measurements, and sketches of our dream.

Zhanna, asked us questions, assured us the timeline was not an issue and confirmed she could work with our budget.  What a treat to receive such wonderful customer service, professional interaction, and confidence in our choice of Zhanna Kens as our designer.  I contacted Zhanna weekly in anticipation and requesting progress reports, she always greeted me with a smile and assured me all was well and on schedule.

I had Zhanna ship the Rhythm dress directly to my Pro Partner.  When she excitedly opened the package, this unbelievable dress, neatly packaged, revealed itself.  This Latin dance dress was a beautiful Aqua Green, a soft unique color, absolutely glowing as it complimented my partners hair, eyes, skin tone and body type.

It fit like a glove, magical, the ultra smooth Chico’s fabric with 4 way stretch was a dream come true for my dance partner.  The dance dress was a part of her, functional, beautiful, mysterious, not showing to much but showing in the right places, conservative but flirtatious, a custom made dress many, many women liked as they would not feel exposed like so many of the current Latin and Rhythm dresses make them feel.

At the Milwaukee State DanceSport Championships April, 2013, Kate Bratt and I took 1st place in American Rhythm Scholarship against a very competitive field of dancers.

Both times I have attained a 1st place in Finals, my partners have been in a Zhanna Kens custom designed dress.   That speaks for itself.

This custom dress absolutely was in a class of its own when seen along with all of the other competition dancers on the floor.  Multiple ladies are inquiring about purchasing this Latin dance dress and/or how to get their own.  It is fresh, edgy, a new look for American Rhythm and would not be possible without the talented skills and knowledge of Zhanna Kens.   Well done, we are customers for life.

One Very Happy Ballroom Dancer, Marty Faeh
Minneapolis, Minnesota