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The Top Five Reasons to Buy Zhanna Kens' Custom Latin Dresses for Your Next Event

by Claudia Wind

The world of dancing is always changing.   Styles come in and out on a regular basis.   However, there is one person who always knows what's in: Zhanna Kens.   With years of experience in the field of dressmaking and a great style that is all her own, there is no reason not to try out her services for your next dance engagement.   Her latin dance costumers are some of the best in the world, and will make you look absolutely ravishing on your dance night!

This article was written to outline the advantages of this type of dress and why Mrs. Kens' dresses are the best around.   So, to help out all those ladies wondering what to wear for their next great entrance, here are the top five reasons to consider Zhanna Kens' custom latin dresses for your next event.

Number 1: They are incredibly well-made.

If you purchase a latin dress from Zhanna Kens, then that dress will last for years.   Mrs. Kens takes great pride in her work and does not use shoddy materials or workmanship on any of her dresses.   Each dress is carefully produced to hold together well and last for years to come.   You can see some of her unique and beautiful creations here at

Number 2: There is a huge variety of costume template designs.

The sheer amount of costume templates is nothing short of astounding when you look at Mrs. Kens' website.   No matter what individual style that you possess, there is a way to make a proper dress for it.   The templates offer a great way to pick out a general look and then Zhanna Kens will make it your own.

Number 3: Ms. Kens will custom design the dress for you.

With experience dating back to the year 1994, Zhanna Kens has been making dresses for twenty plus years and has always worked hard to make them stand out.   Her resume of work is quite extensive, with her dresses appearing at the World Figure Skating Championships and even on the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars.   Few other dressmakers have anywhere near the workmanship quality and attention to detail that she possesses.

Number 4: Latin dresses are well-suited for competitions.

Those who truly want to make a big impression on the dance floor should consider competition latin dresses.   These dresses are specifically created for dance competitions and allow an extremely high degree of motion.   Whether you are moving up, down, or engaging in a complicated routine, this type of dress will stay soft and easy to move.

Number 5: There have been numerous satisfied customers.

Legions of satisfied customers have worked with Zhanna Kens.   From pageant winners to figure skaters and those who simply want to look good for a wedding, anyone can find a dress that they desire.   Latin dresses are a great choice for any occasion though, especially the ones where you desire a commanding presence.

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you feel the latin heat on the dance floor in 2016!

For more information on Ms. Ken and her amazing dresses, check out the link: