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Confidence in Purchasing Custom Designer Figure Skating Dresses by Zhanna Kens

by Keith Fauldman

My name is Keith Fauldman and I have two daughters that love figure skating.   I have tried a few different designers to create their figure skating costumes.  My experience with that was that I felt that I was not getting what I was paying for in quality and that the design seemed incomplete.

I have also spent hours on the computer with my girls looking through page after page of pre manufactured dresses that look cute however the quality was poor.  The costume wouldn't fit their bodies perfectly, crystals would fall off and I found that it was more or less a waste of time and money.

After asking other parents I was referred to because of the quality and uniqueness of her designs.  Zhanna told me that the reason the crystals would fall off is because most designs online use other crystals than Swarovski.

Zhanna says she only uses the finest quality of materials to make every dress unique.  She also said that every single ice skating dress is one of a kind and unique to the individual she makes it for.

That alone gave me the confidence to take a chance and work with her.  It was very nice to talk with her on the phone about the little details of the figure skating dresses and to understand what goes into creating a designer ice skating dress.

When I received the dresses and gave it to my daughters to try on, I was instantly struck with so much emotion when I saw them dancing around the house and obsessing for days about how much they loved their new dresses.  The feeling of making my daughters so happy and confident doing what they love is priceless.

I was a little concerned that one daughter would want the other's dress or that there would be some jealousy between them.  However they were perfectly happy about their own custom dress.

My youngest daughter was so confident that she won her last competition!  I thought my older daughter should have won also, but I'm pretty sure the judges were biased but that's a whole different story.

I was so happy with my experience that I will always recommend Zhanna Kens to anyone who is looking for a new dress.

Keith Fauldman